Vehicle Insurance

Automobile Insurance
Buying a new or used car involves more than picking out the perfect make and model. It also involves finding the right car insurance policy. Owning a car involves several risks. When a car accident occurs, people may be injured and vehicles (or other property) may be damaged. Damage can also occur through theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. Auto insurance can protect you against these risks. These policies can also extend in different ways to cover rented &/or leased vehicles.

All states require you to be financially responsible when driving a car. Depending on your state, you may be required to purchase auto insurance or post a bond. State law (and/or your lender) often requires you to purchase at least a minimum amount of auto insurance. You may find it prudent to purchase greater coverage in order to protect your auto investment, pay for necessary medical expenses, cover your legal liability, and cover any additional losses related to owning a vehicle.

Recreation Vehicles – Snowmobiles, RV’s, ATV’s Insurance
Whether you use recreational vehicle once in a while or all year long, it’s important to make sure you have the proper level of protection. Policies for recreational vehicles, just like auto policies provide bodily injury and property damage liability as well as physical damage coverage.

Motorcycles Insurance
If you own a motorcycle, you need to treat both the cycle and the insurance with great care. We offer liability, physical damage, and optional equipment coverage for variety of bikes from street to classic to custom bikes.

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